Life is all about balance & so is yoga!

At the start of the year I made a conscious effort to make a list of everything that I wanted to try, revisit and accomplish for the year ahead. Yoga was right up there on the top of my list. I love being busy and I really enjoy trying to fit as much as I possibly can into each day, whether it is exploring a nearby town on a Saturday or getting up super early on a Monday and getting on top of the daily jobs before you jet off to work. I really enjoy being organised, much to my partner Gary’s dismay. However, sometimes I forget to switch off and I actually find it difficult to unwind. I have tried yoga several times before and in all honesty I don’t think I was willing to really switch off and allow my mind a couple of hours of quiet time where I listened to my body, got in tune with it and cleared my mind.

The benefits of yoga as we all know are enormous and I think it is massively important to allow your mind a couple of hours a week of quiet time, and no moms and dads – I don’t mean sleep. It’s funny I remember my first yoga class I felt so guilty for even being there. I had about 3 loads of washing at home that I needed to get done and as soon as I sat on the mat, it is literally all I began thinking about. Bloody housework. I began compiling lists of everything that I needed to tackle once I got home and the hour long class was pointless. This time was different, this year I was committed to finding time and fitting in a few hours of week for me. I began practicing mindfulness last year and even the benefits of breathing properly alone and taking a moment when I was stressed has helped me massively. I have a digestive disorder and it could be down to many things, but one thing I know I could have done a lot sooner to help my health was breathing properly. It’s so simple but so effective.



I was so thrilled when Karolina got in touch from Innerlight yoga, having read my blog post Karolina kindly offered for me to come and try out her classes. Karolina’s classes have a real holistic approach to them. She offers many different types of yoga classes and based in Maryborough Hill, Cork I had no excuse not to attend. So all in all I did 4 intermediate classes in total and oh my god I am so thrilled that I did. It’s funny because I thought that having been an active gym goer for the past four years would have stood to me, and thought that the intermediate class would have been fine but oh my god it’s such a good workout. I think I have stretched areas in that class that have been barely used in the gym! My posture alone is so much better, my breathing is so much better and I really feel I am listening to my body a bit more. The foundation of yoga is getting in tune with your body through your breath and energy and I really think that Karolina’s classes have helped to teach me that. I will definitely go back. Not only are you really clearing your mind but you are getting in such a great workout and I have been so happy each time I have come out of that class and tried to practice even some of the breathing techniques throughout the week.

There is a lot of unnecessary stresses in life and in particular at the moment for me. ¬†We are at the final stages of planning our new home, I can tend to get a bit bogged down at times with it all and lose sight of what’s important. Having battled with depression and anxiety in the past, I really feel that having tools like these, small as they may seem can massively make a difference to your emotional, mental and physical health. Looking forward to my next class already!



If you have any questions please as always, ask away! Or if you would like to get in touch with Karolina you can do so here.

Hope you are all having a great week.


Love Fi x


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