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When it comes to the weekends and I have finished work – I love nothing more than to relax and unwind with Sophia, Gary and friends. The perfect Saturday for me is when I can potter around and grab a bite to eat. Which I know you all love too. Last Saturday we popped into town and after a look around the shops with Sophia and our friend Ruth we went to our go to spot for healthy food in town, Loving Salads. I love to eat healthily and am partial to the ol’ sweet treat. Even more so when it is a healthy alternative. So we popped into Loving Salads, on Academy st which is my go to lunch spot in town. The variety is phenomenal, all fresh healthy and a lot of local produce which I love and what’s better is nearly everything is gluten free and/or dairy free on the menu. I am often asked what do I get and what would I recommend and honestly everything tastes unreal but there’s somethings on the menu that we always go back to.



Usually its one of the hot dishes and a protein box with a couple of treats (maybe 10). The chicken curry, which you know I am obsessed with is always a winner. It’s gluten and dairy free and tastes amazing while also being really hearty and filling which Gary loves too! In the protein box we add Chicken and a mixture of three salads. The portions are really generous so I often take them home for snacks later in the day. And what can I say about the treats. Oh. My. Sweet. Baby. Leaf.



I have a serious sweet tooth but these taste so good! So much so, I have often made Gary stop around the corner and ran in for a bag full of healthy treats for a car journey and sometimes that car journey was just back home. They are amazing. A great range of healthy alternatives. You name it. They have it. And most again is both gluten and dairy free. Our favourites are the chocolate brownie, Salted Caramel protein balls and coconut flapjack – which are all unbelievable with a fresh juice or Almond milk late!



Sit inside, take away to the office or a picnic – or gorge in the car on the way home like me either way, it’s always good! So many of you have asked me about Loving Salads because I’m always in and out and especially during the week if I have a meeting in the city its perfect and it’s great that you loved it too. PS – I got chatting to one of the girls working in there who told me they will be opening a new salad & juice bar on Washington st, which i am so excited about! If only they would open in Douglas or Mahon point too – the dream!


Hope you are all having a great week!

Fi x


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