IBS 5 years on

Hi Guys,


So I have had a lot of people asking recently for tips on what I do now to help treat my IBS. I have a couple of other blog posts in the lifestyle section of my blog which are a little more detailed on my health journey and detail how I have dealt with IBS previously and a digestive disorder etc. However, Today I wanted to update you on how my IBS/ digestive disorder is and how I currently treat it.


Thankfully, I have been in very good health for over a year now. I have the odd “flare up”, which is basically when my stomach gets extremely bloated. In those rare cases it is usually caused by constipation. As well as the extreme bloat, I would suffer from bad migraines, pins and needles in my legs, bad stomach pain, back and pelvis, dizziness/ feeling faint, nausea and also shortness of breath. However, all in all I have been really luckily and seemed to have found the triggers and eliminated them where possible. I now have a balanced lifestyle and regularly take supplements to help banish the bloat. Below is what I do to help treat IBS and my digestive disorder. I have a very slow digestive system and therefore chronic constipation would have been a regular occurrence in my life ┬ásince having Sophia five years ago but now I seem to be getting back to how I was before the c-section. Mt stomach isn’t as bloated, I rarely have pain and most importantly I am feeling well.


Lifestyle tips for treating IBS or a Digestive Disorder:

  1. Balanced meals. I eat balanced meals that don’t contain wheat or gluten and try to limit dairy and swap to alternatives such as unsweetened almond milk when possible.
  2. Heavy/ Starchy Carbohydrates and Fibre. I avoid heavy breads (even if it is gluten free), I limit pasta and potato’s. I also avoid vegetables with skins – for example I don’t eat the skin on sweet potato as I find it really hard to digest.
  3. Exercise regularly. I do a mixture of HIIT training to really get the blood flow moving around the body and target all areas of my body, I also do spinning and running and kettle bells classes. I train about 5/6 times a week and maintain an active lifestyle, If I am stagnant for a lot of they it affects my stomach hugely so I try to keep moving. I try to do more cardio based exercises also when possible as I feel these help best with IBS.
  4. Deep breaths. Sounds silly doesn’t it? I actually didn’t before, from rushing around I got into a bad habit of not taking a full and deep breath. Now I breath in through my nose, slowly and out through my mouth. Not only does this help to relax you but I feel like it helps with the digestion of my food and almost pushes the food down.
  5. Water. I drink 2-3 bottles of water a day.
  6. Caffeine. I limit caffeine to one cup of coffee in the morning. Caffeine really dehydrates you and isn’t great for digestion.
  7. Sleep a minimum of 8 hours a day. Sleep is a massive factor for me. I definitely wasn’t getting enough sleep when Sophia was younger and notice if I don’t have a great nights sleep my tummy is affected the next day.
  8. Limit stress. If I am stressed I get pains in my tummy almost immediately. I really do believe your stomach is your second brain and feels every emotion in the body. When I am stressed, I switch off from negative thoughts, put on a positive audio book and breath deeply and properly. I put my problems into perspective and usually it reduces stress in no time.
  9. Supplements daily such as – apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp mixed with warm water and a squeeze of lemon) each morning, I drink dandelion tea 1/2 cups a day (helps digestion). I also take a magnesium supplement and a probiotic (Udo’s super 8’s).
  10. Cheats. I have a cheat meal once a week instead of junk containing sugar and salt daily (which I try to limit). This usually contains rice or sweet potato fries as these are still easy to digest and I love them. E.g. a curry or chicken and sweet potato fries.
  11. Small but regular meals. I try to have five small but regular meals daily and I try to avoid eating late at night when possible. Although, This is something that I really struggle with.
  12. Mindfulness again, a major tool in limiting stress. Either through meditation, a bit of yoga or a walk. I love mindfulness. It really just calms me,puts me in such a happier place and helps me manage my mood, my pace throughout the day, my thoughts and my lifestyle.


I hope this helped some of you, If you have any questions. As always please ask. I am always here for a chat or advice. Again, the above is just what has helped me but over the past five years, I have tried everything and now I am at the point where I have never felt this good. I hope that this offers some tips, whatever you are doing keep your routine consistent.


Lots of love, Fi x


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