New beauty buys…

Ok., so I am slightly obsessed with these lately! A couple of weeks ago, I took a little trip into Boots. I badly needed to up the anti on the ol’ skin care routine and start looking after my hair.

I had read a couple of great reviews about the Boots Botanics range and decided to give it a go. I have only been using it about two or three weeks, but so far so good! I really like it. I bought the day and night cream in the hydrating/brightening range.. which both smell amazing! I nearly ate the tubs! They are all natural products in the range.. which I also like. The tubs are quite small in size but for the prize point of €7 each I cant give out really. My skin is usually normal to dry. Sometimes, a bit dry/ dehydrated -probably because I take a lot of medication for my digestive system.

I will be sticking with this and giving it a further 4-6 weeks before I properly rave about it, but so far I really like it anyway.

I also picked up the Aussie hair care 3 minute miracle for long hair. I had glandular fever recently so I badly needed this! Jesus there was more hair on the ground in my bedroom at one stage than on my head. Obviously completely run down, and when I am run down its my hair and skin that takes the biggest hit. I am obsessed with the Aussie range. They are a great price point. I think this bottle was about €6 .. it is a big bottle and the consistency is quite thick so I used no more than a euro coin sized amount each time. I used it twice a week for the past two weeks and I have noticed that the condition of my hair has definitely improved. It is healthier looking, a bit stronger and more shiny.

I would say definitely give these a try.. and prices as low as they shur why not 🙂

Fi x

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